Working the Carcass show at the Majestic 05.22.22 and The Pedro’s Restaurante Three-pound MegaWoof experience

The following video shares the venue inspection of The Majestic in Madison, Wisconsin.

Carrying around the three-pound burrito eventually led to needing a place for delivery. Woof’s crossed my mind. Where does one go when nature calls at the Majestic? Definitely not at the venue. The leather zeal of the MegaWoof across the street kept beckoning me to use the bathroom.

Carcass unleashed original death metal grind core. The fans cheered nonstop from beginning to end. Bill Steer, guitars and vocals, lit the pit frenzy while Jeff Walker, Bass and Lead Vocals, threw pics and waved.

The show brought down the house.

Between a full basket of chips and salsa, the Mucho Matador Special, the wait in line and the three-pound stomach rumbling, the entire experience gleamed with Reek of Putrefaction when fans received crop dusting.

Overall, the fried ice cream lit the fuse for the three-pound burrito delivery. Like a Carcass album cover, the aftermath was gruesome to say the least. The Mucho Matador Special brought the metal to the Majestic.

The MegaWoof’s brought the chaps and the aura of mustache and Vaseline.

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