The Strawberry VIP Experience: The Jaded Patriot Press Gonzo-19 review of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas, Nevada

Larry Flynt sought to bring happiness to Americans through Hustler Magazine, which oftentimes went misunderstood.

Flynt’s published magazines in the ’70s pushed the envelope of appropriateness.

Flynt’s impact on Jaded Patriot deployed soldiers like me brought hope and comfort in times of grief.

After witnessing countless servicemembers receive letters that their partner was seeing someone else, Flynt’s Beaver Hunt knew just exactly how to lift their spirits.

We would joke and laugh at Hustler Magazine comics while pulling guard tower duty, which brought me to check out his Las Vegas establishment out of reverence for saving lives in dark times.

Flynt worked hard for decades to keep pornography alive who stood firm as the resistance. Flynt fought in federal court on the frontlines of pornography.

Flynt understood the value of fear and loathing with the reputation of the adult entertainment industry in America. His brand lives on long after he is gone.

Hustler as a brand works to provide the ultimate experience for both patron and performer.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Clubs bring prosperity through adult entertainment entrepreneurship. Flynt’s clubs offer opportunities to all who wish to pursue a lucrative career through the Hustler brand’s development as dancers.

Hustler as a brand carried many of my counterparts through combat by publishing calendars, centerfolds, short stories, and smut cartoons that built morale in the combat zone.

Just like on base at the local strip club, I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience visiting the establishment in Las Vegas for the first time.

The Jaded Patriot Stands at Full Attention

The Jaded Patriot Press review sought to relive the glory days of deployment by purchasing a $100 two-drink pass, which included one lap dance.

My first impression of Flynt’s Hustler Club had me completely in awe—like a tractor beam of purple haze met with plumes of irresistible perfume.

I was introduced to a sassy little number. Her name was Strawberry.

Her invitation to join her jellied my soul with delight who jammed along to some house music while inviting me to join her on a house VIP tour while we interviewed each other.   

Upon meeting Strawberry, one thing became clear with our icebreaker conversation—I was about to be fully entertained with full arousal.

The Elevator Doors Opened to the Second Floor

Strawberry’s VIP guided tour, her persuasive sparkling smile, and her seductive voice provided the highest standard of customer service as a top-notch brand representative.

She sat down and interviewed me and asked what my fantasy was. After feeling delightfully nervous, I picked up folded piece of paper and wrote her a poem while she spoke with her manager about bringing me on a house VIP tour.

Dancers like Strawberry unlock the key to the labyrinth of Flynt’s Hustler Club elevator, which allowed a chance for me to check out her moves and grooves before spending my lap dance card.

I punched the ticket and took the ride and viewed an entirely new world never witnessed before. We headed down the corridor.

The poem went something like this:

Strawberry Loves the Ivory Pole

I was the first person in the club.

The door greeters welcomed me with kindness and respect

I punched the ticket and took the ride of my life

The moments of ebony artistry I would never forget

The universe and the greatest gift I could never expect

I felt awkward at first

Being the only one watching women dance

After talking to a dancer, I felt a weird vibe and began heading for the door

I grabbed my ticket and smart phone to exit stage left

I felt Strawberry approach me raising goosebumps on my neck

The ticket was a $100 for a two-drink minimum to include a lap dance show

Strawberry’s VIP Experience opened every window of her soul

Being in the moment felt like a trance watching her glow

The ride was about to begin

Strawberry greeted me with her radiant adorable face gleamed with her grin

No hesitation she knew she wanted to show me around

I felt like the luckiest man in town

She turned my frown upside down

The taste and sample of Strawberry’s VIP tour

Her Aura Had Me Hooked

From the moment we met, I could see into her eyes. A world of perfection and artistry caught me by surprise.

Every curve, contour and angle met with her breath tickling my neck.

Her body swayed and bounced capturing every sexually driven moment teasing every inch. Her stare captivated my soul from the glow of her radiant aura.

Could this be the dream come true needing a pinch?

Strawberry took me to heaven and back. Her lap dance and tour ended with a treat. The limo ride home could not be beat.

She gave me a world never viewed before. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Experience will take you on a ride of inclusion and respect. From the punch of the ticket to the desert oasis. Strawberry gave me all she could. I woke up the next day with morning wood.

-Robert Cobert


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