On the scene during COVID-nine-tine.

Best Buy started offering curbside in April. The journey to collect found footage began with a trip to pick up headphones left at the Wisconsin State Capitol shooting on location. We are here to capture the lens of hard working people in the community making a difference.

GONZO-19 is upon us. We are in for a wild ride. Follow along and enjoy the multimedia blogger ride. We are on the scene to collect stories for COVID-19 to share found footage with major media outlets. Our escapades range from restaurant reviews to venues to interviews of super cool people in the community working hard to bring you services.

On April 22, 2023, the Jaded Patriot Press received an email from Sun Prairie School Superintendent Brad Saron and members of the Sun Prairie School Board. The following public comment was submitted by me, Bradley Burt, who is a parent in the district:

Dear Superintendent Baron-

Public instruction has gone too far and now you are paying the price as the figurehead with the Sun Prairie School District. As a member of the press, I find your emails addressing your reputation disgusting and not addressing the actual problem, which is forced ideology through the use of Chromebooks, which takes away the right of the parents and removes their influence.

Between recent outrage over drag culture and now boys showering with girls, I feel it is time for you to host a town hall meeting and speak publicly rather than flood my inbox with your hyperbole.

Addressing me as a parent on a public email server can easily be done through press release. I suggest you create an ad hoc committee and address the press. Your approach is desperate and ask you refrain from pointing fingers at my colleagues. We use journalism ethics. I will be providing your emails to my constituents.


Bradley Burt

Superintendent’s Desperate Email to Parents:

Information Regarding Recent Media Coverage


Sun Prairie Area School District Unsubscribe4:10 PM (2 hours ago)
to Sun

Dear Sun Prairie Families,

The Sun Prairie Area School District has seen various media accounts of the incident that is the subject of a letter from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. While we do not know the source of the information that has been shared about this incident, we need to make one thing clear: several accounts of this incident are ill-informed, inaccurate, and incomplete. While student privacy and other laws prevent the District from addressing the specific events that occurred, we can share the following information:

  • All individuals involved in this incident were students enrolled in the District.
  • The District addressed this incident after it was brought to the District’s attention. 
  • The District took steps to ensure a similar incident does not recur. 
  • The District talked with the students and families who were involved who came forward. 
  • The District offered and provided support to the involved students and their families.

Further, and to be clear:

  • The Sun Prairie Area School District does not condone any student of one sex being present in a state of undress in the presence of students of another sex. 
  • The District does not condone a student of one sex showering in the presence of students of another sex. 
  • What happened in this incident was not in line with our District’s practices.  

Unfortunately, what is playing out in the media is based on assumptions about this incident that are simply untrue. We know it is easy to blame schools for events like this when people are outraged. The simple truth is that this incident should not have happened. But it did, and the District addressed it long before the recent publicity. 

School districts across the country are striving to protect and support all students. Districts must balance the dual goals of supporting transitioning students while also protecting the privacy interests of all students. The Sun Prairie Area School District is committed to doing so in a manner that is grounded in our mission, vision, and equity statement. The District stands in support of all of its students and will continue to ensure that all students’ rights are protected. 

Brad Saron, Superintendent
Stephanie Leonard-Witte, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, & Equity
Janet Rosseter, Assistant Superintendent of Operations

You are receiving this email because of your relationship with Sun Prairie Area SD. If you wish to stop receiving email updates sent through the Blackboard service, please unsubscribe.
Sun Prairie Area SD | 501 South Bird Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590 | 608-834-6500


Burt, Bradley J, Sr

Tue 4/18/2023 11:27 AM


548 bytes


Dear Bradley,

Thank you for taking the time to share your situation with me. I always appreciate hearing from constituents on the issues that matter most to them.

Because this is a legal issue and I have no authority in matters of the courts, I encourage you to contact either a private attorney or Legal Action of Wisconsin.

Legal Action of Wisconsin provides free legal services to low-income individuals. Even if you believe that you are not eligible to receive services, Legal Action urges all individuals to contact their offices to explore options.

You can find contact and other general information for Legal Action of Wisconsin via the following link: https://www.legalaction.org/. You can also reach Legal Action of Wisconsin by phone at (855) 947-2529 or by email at law@legalaction.org.

You may also want to use the State Bar of Wisconsin as a resource. To access information about finding a lawyer, go to www.wisbar.org and click on “I Need a Lawyer,” or call (608) 257-3838.

In addition, you can find assistance with various legal issues via the following link: https://wilawlibrary.gov/topics/assist.php

Thank you again for taking the time to contact my office. We appreciate hearing your views and encourage you to stay involved.


Office of Governor Tony Evers

P.O. Box 7863
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-1212
Like Governor Tony Evers on Facebook | Follow Governor Tony Evers on Twitter


Burt, Bradley J, Sr


WI GOV(imailagent) <govinfo@wisconsin.gov>

Tue 4/18/2023 11:33 AM

Gov. Evers-

Thank you for assisting me. I will pursue Legal Action of Wisconsin for matters regarding the state, however my free speech is being restricted by the Center for Students with Disability and the Title IX Investigation Division with confidentiality disclaimers. I never signed a confidentiality agreement nor does the university possess the right to restrict an open email server. I am contacting the Supreme Court of the United States and will connect with your office on my business account from now on at bobcobbfreepressink@yahoo.com. 


Bradley Burt 

WI GOV(imailagent) <govinfo@wisconsin.gov>

Dear Gov. Tony Evers-

I am writing to you today notifying you I am a student entrepreneur and freelance reporter who has been gagged by Judge Chris Taylor, Dr. Sara Vogt, who is my current disability coordinator at UW Whitewater and Title IX Investigator Michael Kent. I have brought my concerns before the Dept. of Education regarding prior restraint.

I have notified the Wisconsin Judicial Commission of my intent to file a complaint against Taylor during the State of Wisconsin v. Jesse Scworck status hearings in August when I attempted to record in her courtroom. I was denied and was on the scene as a credentialed journalist working for Dr. James Kates, who was the oversight of my independent study during the fall 2022 semester.

I have been covering my university hate/bias complaint on the scene from the gonzo journalism perspective. Title IX has gagged me and has allowed my disability coordinator the right to place a confidentiality disclaimer on our open record emails. I cannot relay to my Dept. of Education investigator, who is added to the email for exhibit purposes. I have attempted to work with WSG President Will Hinz, who is ignoring me. I have cc:d my investigator who will affirm I made the university aware.

I am seeking the filing of a writ of certiorari with the United States Supreme Court indicating I have been applied prior restraint by the State of Wisconsin. I would like to discuss how we can resolve the issue. I am asking for a university line of sight above Hinz’s authority due to his neglect with addressing my issue.

At this point, I am receiving passive aggressive communication, professor bias by Vogt when requesting accommodations and am trying the best I can to honor your request for keeping the matter with my situation at Whitewater discreet. At this point, the people must call upon you for the unconstitutional free speech restraint Title IX at the University of Wisconsin has placed on me as a independent journalist.

For the record, Taylor allowed WKOW the right to record the second status hearing. I have provided the link to the report I filed for my class project. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Bradley Burt

Owner-Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC

Sent from Mail for Windows

Dear Post Crescent Editor-

My name is Bradley J. Burt. I am graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater this semester as a journalism broadcast/print/web major.

I am writing you today concerned about the three members of our class claiming they represent our Appleton West Class of ’93 best interests. We are celebrating our 30th year anniversary of our commencement.

It brings me no pleasure bringing our class matters before the press. We are being discriminated against by our quarterback, his cheerleading wife and a troll by the name of Neil Wynveen who viciously attacked my friend for questioning his role as a reunion planner.

I have provided a screenshot from the group and have a genuine concern for classmates’ safety. Wynveen must be expelled from our class for his lewd conduct and his example of poor business ethics.

On Saturday April 8, 2023, I attempted to join the group on my journalism reporting account. I have yet to receive access.

My classmates have come to me asking I write a letter to the editor and put a stop to Wynveen’s abuse.

The concerns being raised include conflict of interest, legal handling of money and registration with the Appleton West Alumni Association. The group claims they are the reunion executive committee.

Upon contacting associates at the Appleton Area School District, who represent the best interests of the district holistically, I was notified none of the members claiming they represent our class reunion have registered as executives.

A follow up story is in the works. The feature profiles Wynveen’s current financial discrepancies found on ccap. Members of our class want him removed for his attacks on classmates who does not represent honesty and integrity.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

The Jaded Patriot Press


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater sent out an email seeking commencement speakers. Apparently, the Gonzo-19 contribution to communication STEM research was not enough to land the opportunity.

Nontraditional equates to nonessential. No voice. Fall 2022, honored a female veteran who was well received. Jaded Patriots are not allowed to sit at the head table.

UW-W EmpowerTo:

  • Burt, Bradley J, Sr


  • Wicker, Abby;
  • Schenkel, Cassie

Wed 3/15/2023 12:50 PM

Hello Bradley, 

​Thank you for applying to serve as the student speaker for the May 2023 Commencement Ceremony. Unfortunately, after much deliberation, we regret to inform you that the review committee has not selected you as a finalist. We received many great applications this semester but are only able to accept a few finalists to attend auditions.  

We greatly appreciate the time, dedication, and thought you put into your speech and application, and we wish you the best as you finish your degree here at UW-Whitewater. 

Thank you, 

Cassie Schenkel and Abby Wicker

UWW Empower Commencement Coordinators

by Bradley J. Burt

We are seeking investigative answers as a student veteran free press freelance national press documentay service at Autumn Landmine Productions.

The service is your confessional for the Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC Convergent media boot camps.

You are the jaded patriot community watch. You are there with Gonzo-19. The extinction of the free press is on the line. We need to profile Machiavellians.

We will be publishing one documentary over several of the Bob Cobb Free Press Ink. Newsflix. blog. reporting method.

We are making history profiling Machiavellians and using their examples as the people we must exorcise at Hell is Warm on the Homefront.

We, Autumn Landmine Productions and the Jaded Patriot Press, have been asked to create a video slide show for Mark Kelderman. If you would like to contribute, please subscribe to the You Tube channel and thank Mark’s sister Carole for allowing us this privilege.

We are starting up the “Prohibition Special Report” gonzo column in Mark’s name as a smut writers philanthropy naming Heide Hall, “Hustler Hall,” in the name of free speech and honest journalism.

By Bradley J. Burt-Editor-in-Chief

Being a middle-aged college student during the pandemic felt degrading being labelled as “non-essential.”

Especially when those of us in the college classroom evolved virtually by the second. During the 11th hour before the world went into lockdown, college administrators declared all campuses closed with “stay at home” orders.

Teachers scrambled and students with no means of accessing laptops or technology dropped out. Being labelled non-essential was the reward they received while the students with wealth pioneered on.

Technological poverty played a huge part in college attrition based on access alone.

The best way to define being a “Non-Essential American” would depend upon where each person was when the world stood still. A great place to start would be retrieving livestream footage.

The footage would share the non-essential seeking socialization from their living room on the scene of COVID-19. Fear and loathing set the pandemic stage. The non-essential waited while confined to quarters scared to leave the house.

The non-essential would be viewed wearing fleece pajamas while being glued to the T.V. wondering when the two-week “stop the spread” fallacy would end. The best way to describe the feeling of being considered non-essential could be summarized with one word—useless.

Being a journalism major prepped me for being labelled “non-essential.” We get labelled non-essential in our field by our viewership who disagree our field is needed.

The journey through the non-essential desert of Nevada began in August of 2020. Although I was nowhere near Barstow, the world was batty from being stuck indoors for what seemed like nothing short of eternity.

The purgatory from “stopping the spread” messed the world up in the head. At least in Nevada anyway.

The story of evolving into being non-essential happened after traveling into the void of no return aboard United Airlines on a trip to Las Vegas. The self-funded trips began surveying the damage of the national lockdown for journalism research.

The pandemic segregated Americans between vaccinated, pronouns, and essential versus non-essential categories, which disenfranchised many who work hard for their paychecks.

The categories listed reflect upon the feelings and observations witnessed as a field reporter working remotely from home during the pandemic.

The only means for reporting the news came from staycations and blogging in virtual courtrooms. Convergent media styles began.

The reporter had to get creative by reaching audiences without meeting with their subjects on the beat.

Non-essential is not breaking news. No rhyme or reason.

Only people stuck at home loathing in their pajamas and dealing with the virtual blues.

The month of Nevrurary spanned during the months of March, April, May, and June in 2020. 2022 recalibrated us from a war in Ukraine to a new way of existential virtue.

The existential non-essential worker stayed home while the essential were recognized through empowerment during a pandemic of the commercial industry.

The back labor from sitting in the recliner all day was met with dust and remote-control lust. Being labeled as non-essential did not produce robust reward yet, the non-essential received a stimulus and those who were Las Vegas sex workers traveled the desert without reward.

The brothels and bordellos sat vacant. No patrons or guests visited them there.

Just the empty feeling of not having love. No government caring whether they lived or died.

The Nevada homeless residents went unvaccinated while suffering from delirium tremens with no passersby to feed their fix.

The non-essential vagrants living on the streets of Las Vegas migrated to the water tunnels. That was until the bi-annual desert deluge arrived.

The locals say the floods are nothing. No big deal. No thriving only living day-to-day. The non-essential of the pandemic were washed away.

Sitting in my hotel room staring out the window, I looked over at the television where the non-essential water tunnel dwellers were crying at City Hall for the city to warn them.

The drains of Las Vegas end up getting plugged during floods. The homeless who live below the city appeared dead and bloated when their corpse surfaced on the streets.

No welcome committee greeted them, and no Raiders football player wrote their name on their cleats.

 The non-essential of Las Vegas dance on Fremont Street who break dance to dubstep on YouTube.

Most of all, the non-essential flew the friendly skies masked all day. Flights were cancelled without notice or repayment. The non-essential still pressed on with their meaningless life.

No corporation recognized their strife other than scraping data from their phone. For the first time in human evolution history, the human became a corporate commodity. Artificial intelligence made them feel restless and alone.

Non-essential Americans appeared like drifters coming out of cybernation.

The micro aggressive 45th president was on the television barking right there greeting them. The president lashed out violently come the election through the platform of Capitol Hill insurrection.

His voice sounded like a boil or an ulcer spiraling with infection shouting across the nation during a colonoscopy. The non-essential witnessed the prosecution during the second impeachment alter media evidence claiming their submissions as credible exhibits.

The prosecution exploited truth with no Constitutional consideration. Being a non-essential disabled protected class veteran has plagued me for 25 years.

The hardship of being non-essential tasted in my tears. The college journalism venture launched my non-essential documentary platform on the virtual stage.

The documentary has captured the vantage point of America during fits of rage. Loneliness and trauma from social isolation was not felt by the essential who worked through the pandemic.

What about my professors who taught in front of empty classes? Labelling them as non-essential would be classless.

Grace appeared during times of despair.

The divine and her energy meet us on the non-essential origin of error. She gave us this day of compassion. Her heart sees no human as disposable.

The non-essential label turned human bodies into digital avatars instead of providing the ends with merit. Merit no longer mattered. Human life is of the highest degree.

How could our America do this to me?

Grieving and gnashing of teeth fill the minds of those who experience non-essential grief. May we all unite as one.

The enlightenment of humanity happens with unity. 

The pandemic refugee stuck at home tells the story. The non-essential Americans of COVID-19 took their cybernation into uncharted destinations from feeling useless while stuck at home on staycation.

Never had we witnessed anything like what happened March 2020. The non-essential are now the leaders of this nation.

Writer’s note: I hope the reader gains a sense of appreciation for those who are labelled as non-essential. The insight regarding my personal experience as a field reporter helps spark advocacy for those who need love. The use of stoicism, the cold truth about tragedy and the scientific value of being left behind, set the editorial tone. The project was abstract and needed to take off my reporter hat and really think colorfully. I hope to use this practice in future writings as a method of brainstorming flow with my fact-infused magazine copy submissions in Las Vegas and Hollywood where I write freelance under my pen name Robert Cobert. Journalists cannot write creative editorials under their published names, nor can they receive perks. I write creative nonfiction for my side hustle and find differentiating between two entities bleeds into each form of writing.


By Bradley J. Burt-Editor-in-chief

Rob Halford, singer for Judas Priest, was born in Birmingham, England on August 25, 1951.

Halford leads by empowering fans as a godfather of heavy metal. As an entrepreneur, Halford trademarked his nickname, Metal God, which is what his fans refer to him as.

Halford lives the lifestyle of a legend.

Little do fans know, according to a 2010 interview with Motor Trend, “I didn’t pass my driving test till I was 38,” Halford shared.

During the interview, Halford boasted how much he loved driving his 2006 Cadillac DTS while living in Arizona.

Halford told the article’s author, K.S. Wang, he was chauffeured most of his life. Halford’s love for speed followed him throughout the band’s 50-year heavy metal reign.

Judas Priest battled coming out of the pandemic, seeking induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On Saturday November 5th, 2022, the hard work paid off and the band was inducted.

The group worked hard with fans making the monumental event happen. As a reward, fans witnessed Halford sing a duet with Dolly Parton, who was also inducted.  

Both smiled in celebration while singing “Jolene.”

In 2022, the band kicked off their 50 years of heavy metal tour, while mastering the art of being legendary.

50 years of heavy metal music making watched singers come and go.

Halford was not the band’s original front man though. Halford’s debut happened when his sister introduced him to her partner at-the-time, Ian Hill, who was Judas Priest’s long-standing bass player and cofounder, where she scored him the job.

50 years later, Halford set out with his band on tour commemorating their debut and played songs from their earlier album, “British Steel,” which was noted by Halford as one of their all-time greatest achievements. On March 13, 2022, I turned 47, and witnessed the tour at Zappo’s Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Overcoming the Impossibility of Stigma

Growing up, Halford’s overcoming of impossibility with being secretly attracted to men, led him through a hidden life due to hetero dominant metal hard-edged norms between the ‘70s and ‘80s, which started when Halford was a boy.

I later learned he had a secret. Little did I know growing up that while Judas Priest won hearts and blew minds, Halford was about to begin his journey of coming out with his sexuality, which led to advocating for equal rights as a “homosexualin 1998, according to Blabbermouth.net.  

Looking back in time for the 50-year heavy metal reflection, the hard driving heavy metal retrospective viewpoint of Halford, provided stories about twists and turns that could have ended the band.

The band dealt with controversial issues during the ‘80s. Nonetheless, Halford was my saint growing up in a divorced home listening to Judas Priest while drowning the fact that my parents split.

Halford blew my mind with the song “The Sentinel.”

The song would lead me to places on my dirt bike like the railroad tracks where we would hang out with junior high kids.

We would wear our Judas Priest logos on our jean jackets. We all kept our cigarettes in the inside pocket next to the black permanent marker we used while proclaiming our rebellious stake as troubled youth.  

I grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin, as an alderman’s son, who’s community shunned those who were open about their sexuality during sermons on Sunday.

While sitting in church anxiously awaiting listening to Judas Priest after, we never suspected Halford was hiding himself to protect his fame and fan following.

Halford was a gifted singer with a golden voice, which does not stand in the way of his talent.

The hetero dominant society we grew up in did not allow us the freedom to wear our jean jackets in the basement of church gatherings, who warned us about listening to Judas Priest and “getting high.”

At the time, the band was dealing with parental advisement over a suicide pact claiming Priest influenced the ordeal. The incident almost ended the band.

Defenders of the Faith was my first cassette I bought at Exclusive Company on College Ave. “The Sentinel” drove my pre-teen cigarette smoking angst into sipping booze in my parent’s liquor cabinet and sneaking out to wonder College Ave. on the weekends.

Notably, the angst of Halford’s manifestation of fame, started with the “British Steel” album during the cold war and performed events like “Live Aid” and raised awareness about oppression that eventually witnessed the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

50 Years of Heavy Metal: The Halford Legacy

From introspect, Rob Halford was my Archangel growing up and looked up to him for being a bad ass. Halford fueled my rebellion.

One thing fans love about Rob Halford is his falsetto screams and his stage presence with his motorcycle, which his fans adore.

He is also notorious for reinventing fashion with his biker attire on stage. He is tall, veering around 6’8.

I met him at Ozzfest. His screams were heard for miles that day at Alpine Valley.

From a triumphant standpoint, this year, Halford brought back his friend and songwriter from the ‘80s, Glenn Tipton. Tipton played three songs at the end of the show in Vegas for Parkinson’s disease awareness.

Tipton was also the other cofounder. Tipton’s condition took him away from the band. Seeing him play was like being a part of a victory celebration. The show was one of the greatest birthday gifts a Judas Priest fan could ask for.

Halford is notorious for beating the odds and overcoming impossibility of performing in a hetero dominant entertainment field. Musicians and fans in the ‘80s flashed sex appeal.

Halford kept his sexuality a secret but subversively suggested his sexuality in songs like “You got another thing comin’.”

The band transformed their sound and style when new drummer, Scott Travis, made his debut on the “Painkiller” album.  He replaced drummer Dave Holland due to a rape incident involving a 17-year-old boy. On January 16, 2018, Holland died at age 69, according to Rolling Stone.

The band quickly snapped back after the Holland controversy. The British Steel legacy remained.

Stephen Hill of Metal Hammer shared Halford’s words during an interview on March 2, 2022, whose headline states, “We’ve never made a record like British Steel, and we never will.”

The author’s feature shared insight about Halford’s sexuality during the interview. The story style is a “Q and A” format that provided Halford’s responses.

Hill asked, “When was the first time you became aware of your sexuality?”

Halford’s partial response noted, “you start to question yourself: ‘What’s wrong with me? Am I a freak?’ because you hear people saying you should be locked up for it. As a young person, it does your head in. You have to learn to deal with all of that.”

By 1990, the album “Painkiller” opened many opportunities for Halford’s sexuality and image.

The ‘aha’ moment occurred when the band toured after the album’s release. Halford told Kerrang according to the “Song Facts.com” website that “Painkiller embodies what metal is – it’s everything a full-on screamy metal track should have. Everybody is going a million miles an hour on it, and yet the melody still comes across. That statement that ‘He is the Painkiller’ – you get 30,000 metalheads chanting it at a festival and it’s a great feeling. It’s become a very important song for Priest, and for metal too, I think.”

“Painkiller” became the opportunity to build a second empire and did. The album’s success with Travis opened a portal to audiences young and old.

Taking Action

Surprisingly, the major choices Halford and Judas Priest needed to make led to finding the right drummer.

From an entertainment addition, Travis provides commentary and drum solos that built the second empire into an icon.

Between sexual identity and following the bad press with the Dave Holland scandal, the band had to reinvent itself.

Travis opened the door and the band celebrated 50 years of success as a well-oiled heavy metal machine. The group acted by delivering on their word each time a new album was released. Halford stands up for what he believes and his band backs him for his sexuality.

The awareness required for the band’s success was trusting Halford’s intuition with coming out.

The secret would not have to stay hidden for long and helped those dealing with stigma locate resources along with fundraising for Africa with Live Aid. The band became resourceful by sticking together and forging what they believed.

As a front man, Halford’s reliability provided a solid voice with each performance through self-care and adversity over oppression from a hetero dominant society.

Halford’s advocacy opened many new doors for the oppressed by coming clean about his sexuality and staying true to his convictions. The miracle of the 50-year iconic feat revels in the truth that fans stayed true throughout the duration.

50 years of heavy metal mastery resulted from fan loyalty, which drives the band’s legacy and success.

On August 22, Rev. Ras Jesse invited the Jaded Patriot Press to his status conference hearing at Branch 12 in Madison, Wisconsin at the Dane County Courthouse.

A request for recording devices was sent within one week to Judge Chris Taylor. The first item of business read into the State of Wisconsin v. Jesse Schworck case questioned the validity of creating a documentary sharing Schworck’s experience representing himself pro se.

The Jaded Press obtained redacted transcripts but could not authenticate the truth.

The truth? Judge Chris Taylor refuses to perform her duties in the best interest of jurisprudence, like Judge Hoffman, who oversaw the Chicago 7 trial with Bobby Seale.

The Wisconsin Court system binds and gags the Constitution. No different than 1968.

The deputy chief of police and his Spring Splash task force in Whitewater, Wisconsin ended the month of May event-free due to Coronavirus.
Citywide tailgate-style block party turns into disorderly conduct, trespassing, urinating in public among 153 reported violations in Whitewater, Wis. compared to “Mifflin Street Block Party” by Deputy Chief Dan Meyer. The event happens at random without permit.

     Ordinance violations found in the 2019 Whitewater Police Blotter Report totaled over 90 pages ranging from throwing a football over the street to felony convictions. One year later, the statewide stay-at-home order forced the event to go virtual on Facebook. Deputy Chief Dan Meyer opened the books during an interview to unveil the 2019 Spring Splash aftermath expressing concerns for his community.

Coronavirus was the only thing that could stop the ongoing Spring Splash trashing of Whitewater, Wisconsin. The random event pops up every Spring. In 2019, the first occurrence started out with a large party throwing beer cans and ending with several traffic stops.

The Whitewater community pays for the aftermath when Spring Splash comes to town. Spring Splashers in 2020 went virtual saving the city from another year of a burnt-out task force who stayed at home instead. The city of Whitewater will now have a surplus going into 2021 due to the COVID-19 quarantine.