How can a judge bind you as a YouTube branded journalist? Judge Chris Taylor did

by Bradley J. Burt

We are seeking investigative answers as a student veteran free press freelance national press documentay service at Autumn Landmine Productions.

The service is your confessional for the Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC Convergent media boot camps.

You are the jaded patriot community watch. You are there with Gonzo-19. The extinction of the free press is on the line. We need to profile Machiavellians.

We will be publishing one documentary over several of the Bob Cobb Free Press Ink. Newsflix. blog. reporting method.

We are making history profiling Machiavellians and using their examples as the people we must exorcise at Hell is Warm on the Homefront.

We, Autumn Landmine Productions and the Jaded Patriot Press, have been asked to create a video slide show for Mark Kelderman. If you would like to contribute, please subscribe to the You Tube channel and thank Mark’s sister Carole for allowing us this privilege.

We are starting up the “Prohibition Special Report” gonzo column in Mark’s name as a smut writers philanthropy naming Heide Hall, “Hustler Hall,” in the name of free speech and honest journalism.

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