Madison College Documentary Student Seeks Support for a State Street Warming Shelter

It would be great if everyone had a place to warm up on State Street. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for homeless members of Madison, Wis. who braved the cold on Valentine’s Day. Scholars from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and elected corporate citizens from our State Street District and Madison Common Council turn the cheek. What will it take to make it happen? Bradley J. Burt, student at Madison College in the Documentary Storytelling Course, sought answers to Vox Pop interview questions Feb. 14 to bring before the Madison Common Council.

Burt is the founder of the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission.

How do you feel about State Street homelessness? Burt is taking a stance by organizing a cooperative to report to his Facebook dispatch who is the reporter for the Capitol Capstone Journal. Think you have what it takes and want to join the State Street guardian angel mission? Email your footage to Brad Burt seeks to develop consumer protection newsletters for local cooperatives to share intel regarding the epidemic of homelessness and how you can help.

Interviewees asked to remain unnamed due to fear of Capitol and Madison Common Council backlash.

What can the Madison Common Council do to help? We are proposing a State Street warming shelter be a 24-hour busker open mic lounge. We are solving the problem by giving a leg up through community barter and information exchange. We are asking UW Madison philanthropy to allow for a voucher exchange for services program as well. We understand the value of intersectionality and would like to take the opportunity to survey the needs of those who use the shelter to keep track of our guests and residents through a freegalitarian network.

There is a happy ending. Through solidarity, we can help those who are in need. Our brigade will be ran on public donation to develop a community prototype to bring aid to all cultures who are in need. The State Street busker culture heard in future b-roll video outtakes from our video shoots can be found here to showcase our musicians we protect through our guardian angel mission. We are the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission. Thank you for taking time to read our newsletter. You can follow the Bob Cobb State Street pigeon on Twitter at the Capitol Capstone Journal.

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