What is a Politico?

By Bob Cobb

A Politco is both a Trustee and a Delegate who creates flux on behalf their party’s special interest and you are their target.

Politicos only have one thing in mind—collect as many votes as they can to win office. They are not your friend. They only want one item—power. Split-ticket voting keeps them out of office. Enclosed is a list of ways to spot Politicos.

Politicos take an everyday occurrence and balloon their agenda through “framing” to make the other party look bad. Just a normal trailer at a stop light. Nothing major right?

Guess again. Photoshopping and cropping turned a garden variety trailer sign into a mode of persuasion to alert you to an item. Zoom out a bit and see for yourself.

Another fine exhibit regarding framing. You as a voter are subjected to this daily. Fact check and find sources in print and newspaper before believing blogs. Bloggers are only out to blast you and make value claims. Citizen Journalists are bloggers. News writers who print articles fact check through objectivity.

Only you have the power to stop Politicos. End the insanity of following popular opinion. Just say no to special interest lobby. Just say no to Politicos.

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