Inquiry/Investigative Services

We are a freelance reporting agency. We cover court proceedings all the way to hotel and venue reviews. We use livestream for authenticity and convert stories to either broadcast hyperlinks or print copy.

Our cooperative works at the Wisconsin State Capitol, the University of Wisconsin, Las Vegas and Los Angeles both on site and remotely. We are a canvass operation.

Our stories range from State Street busker reviews all the way to profiling judges and politicians. Your tips provide our agency with leads we pass onto the press.

We protect your identity through the Wisconsin Shield Law.

The agency developed through the Madison College Journalism and Business Plans Certificates as class projects. The business specializes in taking the viewer on an adventure. Our viewers also contribute and write the story. We are the copywriters for the news.

Email our pressroom at for project planning inquiries or our corporate strategic communication planning team at C.O.B.B. Strategic Planning and Consulting.

Our pressroom, ad agency and consulting team will gladly assist you, your business or family with creating a blog tailored to your needs. We also provide web development services.