Welcome to Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC. Our mission offers our clients and cooperative a chance to earn money by collecting open records and smart phone found footage as independent contractors.

Your views, support, and submissions shared on our Facebook page help bring truth and justice to the surface by spotlighting practices of unethical profiles.

What do we provide? As a Wisconsin Shield Law Protection service, we offer those who seek anonymity the chance to utilize our agency to retrieve open records.

Your tips allow our firm to write news copy and pass on the word about those who prey on the consumer. Our investigations range from solvency through nonprofit financial reporting, hearing attendance, news copy editing of citizen journalism, and crop theft investigation.

We are a trained group of freelance reporters who work through the University of Wisconsin Watchdog 101 course. We are your social media watch.


Email: Bobcobbfreepressink@yahoo.com.

Facebook: Bob Cobb the Wisconsin Capitol Carrier Pigeon.

Twitter: The Capitol Capstone Journal.