Press Release: Rev. Ras Jesse’s Lion of Judah, House of Rastafari case goes to Wisconsin Supreme Court

On August 22, Rev. Ras Jesse invited the Jaded Patriot Press to his status conference hearing at Branch 12 in Madison, Wisconsin at the Dane County Courthouse.

A request for recording devices was sent within one week to Judge Chris Taylor. The first item of business read into the State of Wisconsin v. Jesse Schworck case questioned the validity of creating a documentary sharing Schworck’s experience representing himself pro se.

The Jaded Press obtained redacted transcripts but could not authenticate the truth.

The truth? Judge Chris Taylor refuses to perform her duties in the best interest of jurisprudence, like Judge Hoffman, who oversaw the Chicago 7 trial with Bobby Seale.

The Wisconsin Court system binds and gags the Constitution. No different than 1968.

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