UW-W Gonzo-19 Op-Expose: The State of Wisconsin v. Jesse Schworck copy of August 26 court hearing transcript

The following pdf from Schworck’s hearing on August 26, 2022, cannot be authenticated and is being redacted by Judge Chris Taylor.

Taylor has denied our press the right to record in her courtroom, yet allowed WKOW 27 of Madison, Wisconsin the opportunity to record the hearing.

Upon conversing with the camera operator after the hearing, the representative of WKOW agreed the judge restrained the free press. Schworck has attempted to express his concerns.

The judge refuses his right to receive courtroom audio.

The Op-ed merges multimedia documentary expose into a law review examination of recording device restriction while tracking the transfer of power between two judges for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The inspection of the First and Fourth amendment violations restrain the press without gag order documentation.

The Jaded Patriot Press examines jurisprudence, abuse of process and prior restraint violations by Taylor.

The judge did not provide copies of her courtroom gag order and prejudices our reporting agency.

We are moving to file a writ of certiorari with Branch 12 of Dane County and seeking counsel for examination of impeachment with Gov. Tony Evers.

Evers has yet to respond for interview requests. The request was filed and seek legal action with violations and infractions, no different than Judge Julius Hoffman against Bobby Seale.

Taylor supported Alan Robinson as a speaker at Harvest Fest 2019, who was present the day of the raid on behalf of Madison NORML. The judge has a conflict of interest as both law maker and law representative.

Evers knew Schworck’s case was assigned to Branch 12 and placed a biased judge overseeing his case.

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