Lion of Judah Rastafari Church Founder Jesse Schworck’s upcoming court appearances and philanthropy startup

On August 22, at 1:30 p.m., Jesse Schworck, co-founder of the Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church, appears before Hon. Chris Taylor for a jury status hearing.

Schworck plans on asking charges to be dismissed, who filed several injunctions against the City of Madison after receiving eviction and prosecution.

The hot ticket item stems from felony counts accusing Schworck of illegally distributing Cannabis.

Schworck’s church ran a federally legitimate sacramental distribution sanctuary and mindfulness center prior to the raid.

Schworck seeks reimbursement for lost financial resources and the opportunity to work as a mentor with veterans at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater despite dealing with being the center of the media’s false light.

Schworck’s church is in the process of assembling a 501 c 4 virtual cooperative called “the Wisconsin Cannabis Church League,” which doubles as a philanthropy. Schworck’s church seeks the help of the UW-W Small Business Resource Center for building a corporate citizen.

Schworck’s philanthropy adopts lost veterans on campus and provides campus security through development of inclusivity workshops.

Veterans at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater feel unwelcomed. Schworck hopes he can connect with people on campus through the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors newsletter, which publishes press releases and campaigns for Schworck’s nonprofits.

The philanthropy is an annual welcome back at Starin Park where veterans and campus members smoke up for the POW MIA.

Schworck believes contributing to helping people heal will help win his fight in court. By bringing the POW MIA issue into inclusivity, Schworck’s efforts will end well for all warriors and will provide college inclusivity services.

Schworck is one of three seeking the establishment of a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater philanthropy for pandemic refugee readjustment.

Schworck attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, who obliged the opportunity to help veterans cope with feeling unwelcomed at the POW MIA event.

The event raises awareness for inclusivity, which doubles as a meet and greet regarding the next phase: passing out sacrament and sharing the peace at the Whitewater campus.

The filming of Schworck’s upcoming legal battle ends with a documentary for a UW class project. September 16 archives the first ever POW MIA smoke out on a UW campus.

The campaign seeks financial support for operating a social responsibility service offered to UW Whitewater veterans dealing with college readjustment. Schworck seeks providing peace in the form of sacrament helping heal refugees in America.

Schworck invites all who wish to smoke out at Starin Park on POW MIA Recognition Day. The “I Will Not Forget” philanthropy is a corporate and health communication ongoing project.

Schworck’s upcoming appearances are being recorded for documentary study at the UW-W journalism department. Schworck hopes all who come to the smoke out give a shout out to the Royal Purple for hating on Gonzo journalism.

Continue to check in at the Jaded Patriot Press for the Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church press coverage.

The following court dates are scheduled for trial:

08-22-202201:30 pm4th Floor, Courtroom 4A – Branch 12Jury status hearingCourtTaylor, Chris
08-29-202208:30 am4th Floor, Courtroom 4A – Branch 12Jury selectionCourtTaylor, Chris
08-30-202208:30 am4th Floor, Courtroom 4A – Branch 12Jury trialCourtTaylor, Chris
08-31-202208:30 am4th Floor, Courtroom 4A – Branch 12Jury trialCourtTaylor, Chris
09-01-202208:30 am4th Floor, Courtroom 4A – Branch 12Jury trialCourtTaylor, Chris

Schworck extended an invitation to Aaron Rodgers for the smoke out. Rodgers has not responded for interview request.

Please leave a comment if you have any information regarding contacting Rodgers.

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