A call to action: Sun Prairie’s deadly crosswalks

As a disabled veteran student journalist in the community, I have been tasked to survey the ongoing traffic problems in Sun Prairie.

I started walking to the gym from Gateway Terrace to explore Sun Prairie this summer and am extremely concerned.

Periodically, I walk to the library to take a moment to recognize those who gave their all at the Veteran’s Monument.

I cannot begin to share with you the tragedy I have witnessed over my time during the summer experiencing Sun Prairie crosswalks.

Several pedestrians have been struck and killed even when the lights are flashing on Main Street or must cross Windsor Street when crosswalk lights fail to work.

As a veteran and member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I have watched our community drive down Church Street during the rerouting from the Sun Prairie Explosion, where I noticed the hostility and passive aggressive drivers blocking resident’s driveways and those who speed down a street where kids must cross to play with their friends.

Enough is enough. We need to cultivate unity in our community when turning left at lights or driving down unlit streets.

We need to stop turning left when we see the crosswalk light turn green and the pedestrian crossing.

I have been grazed on several occasions from behind with road raged drivers. How many more citizens must die before our city will take action?

Change starts with habits. Make it a habit to put your pedestrians first Sun Prairie. Save your Sun Prairie Explosions for the gym and be kind to your fellow pedestrian.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Cobert

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