Ehtics Analysis: Leaked information avails VetsCAN president wastes no time hitting the ground running with a hyperpolitical letter-to-the-editor of the Wisconsin State Journal

VetsCAN of Madison, Wisconsin president Connie Walker puts her 501 c 3 collective bargain on the line without the assembly of a public relations committee Sunday May 22.

The enclosed letter details a hyperpolitical rant directed at a political party through the WDVA Women of the Year’s credentials. The newly formed group is fiscally represented by the Bob Woodruff Foundation and NAMI of Wisconsin.

Walker openly admitted to her carelessness in an email with board members.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to the editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.  In drafting it I was flipping back and forth between two versions (see attachments) and released the second attachment – which should not have been sent without vetting it for review and approval (or not) by the Board.   

Walker said.

Walker learned the value of the first mistake—include your organization first. Her email contained loaded comments blowing off steam like a boiler on a Navy ship attacking Republicans.

As a collective bargain, she retracted her first letter and fired back with another only to inform VetsCAN through email that she wasn’t thinking. Wisconsin 501 c 3’s do not represent political parties, only 501 c 4’s—strike two.

I know better than that.  My only defense (it’s a poor one) is that I wasn’t thinking about process.  I was thinking about another lie making the rounds as truth, when I heard the majority party in the Joint Finance Committee patting themselves on the back for voting to give the state Veterans Homes (there are three) $10M in new money.  

Walker pleaded with her costly mistake.

Walker’s Rant-to-the-Editor

May 21, 2021

Letter to the Editor

Wisconsin State Journal

1901 Fish Hatchery Road

Madison, Wis. 53713

Dear Editor:

Do the Republican members of the Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee really care about Veterans?

Some GOP members of JFC and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, have touted their state budget amendments as investing in Wisconsin’s Veterans. A more discerning look at the Republican budget motion related to Veteran services reveals a “shell game,” and suggests some members are pandering to a “we’re more patriotic than you” political base.

While the committee provided nominal increases in spending for Veteran suicide prevention, payments to County Veteran Service Offices and groups such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, Republicans are crowing the loudest about an alleged $10-million bump in spending for the state Veterans’ Homes.

That is downright false. Republicans simply repackaged money the state Veterans’ Homes have already generated through existing skilled nursing operations, payments from Medicare and Medicaid, and from the Veterans who already live there. Meanwhile, Republicans simultaneously reduced spending on direct aid payments to needy Veterans.

Unless you’re a budget analyst and follow these kinds of things closely, you might think the GOP majority on the budget committee just approved a big increase in spending for Veterans. All they did was vote to move money from one pocket to another.

Constance A. Walker, CAPT, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Veterans Community Action Network (VetsCAN) of South-Central Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin

Heavy-handed Wording with an Iron Fist

Walker’s exhibit demonstrates a lack of professionalism and autonomy. She will have a hard battle appeasing her investors who work nationwide as well-known philanthropies.

As a president of a 501 c 3, Walker admits she made a rookie mistake. Mistakes cost 501 c 3’s lots of money with audits. Hopefully Walker will work to build a press release business model to protect her agency’s best interest. Strike three.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or send this blog to the editor of the Wisconsin State Journal to help Walker publish her rant.

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