Former Madison NORML Deputy Director appears before Jefferson County Court April 12

Former Deputy Director Brian Seamonson of Madison NORML appeared before Jefferson County Family Court Commissioner Jennifer Weber Monday for initial appearance.

Seamonson appeared before the court to face charges entered by the Lake Mills Police Department. Seamonson claimed the patrol officer did not want to charge him for possessing Cannabis passing the decision on to their lieutenant.

Seamonson entered a not guilty plea seeking legal counsel.

Seamonson faces multiple charges to include:

  • Operating While Revoked 343.44(1)(b)(Rev due to alc/contr subst/refusal 4th+)Misd. U2946.49(1)(a).
  • Bail Jumping-Misdemeanor Misd. A3961.41(3g)(e).
  • Possession of THC Misd. U4961.573(1).
  • Possess Drug Paraphernalia Misd. U.

Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Garret Johnson recommended a $500 signature bond to include restrictions.

The court ruled the Lake Mills PD criminal complaint demonstrated probable cause. The court could not respond to Seamonson’s questioning during the hearing advising them to seek a public defender if eligible.

Seamonson’s signature bond restrictions include:

  • No possession or consumption of controlled substances without a valid prescription.
  • Take prescription medications only as prescribed.
  • No possession of any drug paraphernalia.
  • No operation of a motor vehicle without valid drivers license..

Seamonson approached the court seeking a doctor’s excuse for his Cannabis use despite Wisconsin’s current status with prohibition. The court could not honor the request.

Seamonson’s next Pretrial Conference on May 19th at 8:30 a.m and Status Conference June 25th require appearance or will issue a warrant for their arrest.

Source: Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Website

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  1. Beautiful article! So insightful to the injustice and control! People are suffering and this is not about getting high! This is about not making criminals out of people who use and need plant medicine!!!! Ridiculous agendas by politicians!!!! It’s our state not simply yours!!!!


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