Northern Wisconsin NORML Secretary wrongfully accuses Facebook admins of public defamation during COVID-19

Secretary of Northern Wisconsin NORML under the guidance of Regional Chapter Jay Selthofner unethically published blogs making false claims regarding harassment February 23. Those allegations went viral spreading malicious falsehoods costing us chances to pursue freelance opportunities.

Complaints have been filed and now we wait. In the meantime, Selthofner’s group stands poised to strike again selling sophistry in the form of false accusations as bloggers. These infractions constitute retaliation that violate Caveat Emptor Law and hope to educate those who speak out against the National Organization of Reforming Marijuana Laws.

The malicious falsehood by Selthofner’s chapter sent a shockwave wrongfully accusing individuals they suspect are the admins of a page titled “the Shoelace Express.” The Northern Wisconsin NORML blog administrator wrongfully accused Bradley J. Burt, our editor-in-chief, and Jennica Stein of being admins. The truth? You are making false claims. Mary Jane Jones is not Jennica Stein. Mary Jane Jones is still at-large and we have nothing to do with your belligerent accusations.

If you have information as to the identity of Mary Jane Jones, please let us know. We have no control over any of those accounts and are working to put the word out through members of the NAACP to bring this culprit to light. We do not represent the posts published on those Facebook pages.

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