Cobb-ed—Building the case for malicious falsehood: Northern Wisconsin NORML’s accusations lack merit during COVID-19

What lengths will Jay Selthofner and his Northern Wisconsin NORML chapter go to diffuse their whistleblowers?

Mr. Selthofner lacks merit after publishing his organization’s retaliatory blog. Northern Wisconsin NORML called out Bob Cobb and Madison NORML founders February 23rd, citing harassment over a Facebook page titled, “the Shoelace Express.” For the sake of law review we respond to address their malicious falsehood claims.

Some could say Mr. Selthofner runs an ethical operation. Some may even try to support Mr. Selthofner’s opinion working as attorneys for the National Organization for Reforming Marijuana Laws. Sadly, opinions are not credible even though they represent the brand Northern Wisconsin NORML. The activists of the Wisconsin chapter lack merit. Malicious falsehoods claimed by Mr. Selthofner’s chapter should be recognized as retalitory, which are under investigation.

 The argument centers around ethics.
How can a nonprofit organization reform law without addressing ethics they represent in their bylaws and constitution? Just to be clear, Mr. Selthofner’s organization’s false accusations violate NORML’s policies. From the minute Selthofner recruited members of our firm, to the time our editor-in-chief left their organization as the Madison NORML Enforcer, Mr. Selthofner sought to silence him and even stooped so low to make malicious falsehood claims on his website about being a racist and a homophobe. Those claims are most definitely libelous and have zero control over what another admin does. Jay Selthofner is the exhibit A NORML Executive Director brooding toxicity in Wisconsin. Can you understand why Wisconsin is not budging with legalization?

Online harassment by Mary Jane Jones acted alone. Northern Wisconsin NORML does not reserve the right to assume the identity of their harasser, which they did with the intent to justify their means to retaliate. Retaliation found on the Northern Wisconsin NORML website clearly demonstrates Mr. Selthofner’s organization’s claims are false. He cannot prove the identity of his sole harasser Mary Jane Jones. Instead, they take it out on someone they suspect is responsible who has no affiliation as an admin. Does he have concrete proof of the admin of the Shoelace Express page and does he know that the University of Wisconsin offers a course through the Wisconsin Eye Watchdog Network? No. Mr. Selthofner withholds pertinent information that would support his website’s claim through Northern Wisconsin NORML.

Malicious falsehood claims require the burden of proof. After being gas lighted by members of NORML, which openly admits in our exhibits, the damage is done. The group relentlessly seeks to diffuse anyone who steps in their way without regard to the law.

Mr. Selthofner’s claims made on his organization’s website contain heresy. The evidence represented with our rebuttal offers accuracy and proof. His organization wants desperately to point the finger but lack the evidence we present through our exhibits. The argument would require merit. Mr. Selthofner uses gas lighting tactics to turn away viewers. Mr. Selthofner sent his wife Narin to retaliate against his whistleblowers the day his chapter published the blog featured below.  

Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC is a hyperlocal multimedia aggregator consisting of freelance journalists who share information for piece work. We are not in the business of pointing fingers like Mr. Selthofner. When Mr. Selthofner recruits new members he speaks gossip of Gary Storck, founder of and Madison NORML assisted by Greg Kinsley whom Mr. Selthofner attacked through Alan Robinson. Mr. Selthofner’s motive loosely brags about taking the group down who did so by grooming Alan Robinson.

The evidence presented to the viewer is unadulterated screen shots of Mr. Slethofner’s back alley lobbying tactics who teaches recruits how to gas light people behind their back, which violates Wisconsin Ethics Commission’s rules for lobbyists. Mr. Selthofner sent Alan Robinson to Madison NORML to develop a troll blogger to spy on Gary Storck, write Op-eds to and oust Greg Knisley. Mr. Selthofner broke every ethical code in the book as a lobbyist. Mr. Selthofner is not trustworthy.

We turned over the Madison NORML to Homeland Security. Bob Cobb became a Consumer Protection Reporter to track claims made by Phillip Scott that Dan Connors and Brian Seamonson stole Hemp for Harvest Fest 2018, which Selthofner knew at the time.

Madison NORML Says-“Vote Yes for Cannabis Nov. 6th” by Bob Cobb | the 4:22 Chronicles (

Selthofner continues to cover for Robinson’s jeapordizing of NORML Wisconsin. Selthofner knows we are blowing the whistle on them. Hence, Bob Cobb, the carrier pigeon being media leaking service, which was created by NORML with the permission from Alan Robinson carried out his orders. The conspiracy to overthrow Madison NORML happened and you tried to manipulate new members into buying your toxicity. We refused. We chose ethics instead. Victim blaming your past members by blasting them on your website invites rogue behavior. We are a legitimate investigator for the Watchdog 101 community with the Center for Investigative Journalism to examine the lobbying methods of the NORML organization. The Shoelace Express featured refers to Alan Robinson’s exhibit. We have nothing to do with anything other than continuing our investigation.

Harassment is a result of attack. When a group calls them out, they are whistleblowers, not harassers. In closing, instead of spending time trying to cancel our firm’s culture, spend some time taking a few ethics classes and be an upstanding lobbyist Mr. Selthofner. Organizations like NORML seek to reform the law. Mr. Selthofner’s protégé and Wisconsin NORML Executive Director Alan Robinson breaks into the Wisconsin State Capitol, receives allegations of sexual assault and rips people off with false promises. Watchdog journalism informs the community when lawbreakers seek to reform laws. When a nonprofit organization attacks individuals through blogs, who call out your behavior, you fulfill your legacy as a toxic lobbyist. Watchdog journalism prevents lobbyists like you from retaliating against people who speak up.


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