Racine mayor receives backlash for veteran hiring policy with police task force—the pdf response

Outraged veterans across Wisconsin seek justice Wednesday after mayor of Racine Cory Mason faces discrimination allegations targeting veteran hiring for police force.

Wisconsin mayor encourages police department to discriminate against veterans in hiring practices | USSA News | The Tea Party’s Front Page

The mayor of Racine hired local law firm Payne and Frazier to assemble a task force and develop a plan moving forward to take community comment into account. While The Journal Times reported, “the city is not prohibiting veterans from applying to work for the Racine Police Department,” a local disabled veteran went on a rant. The executive assistant to the mayor’s office issued their rebuttal Tuesday addressing Law Enforcement Today’s December 20th previously published article , calling out the mayor, which stirred the controversy to begin with.

“Our 33-page report insists no public comment will be left out. Our Communications Director wants the public to review the report for verification—the mayor does not seek to discriminate against veterans,” said Executive Assistant of the Office of the Racine Mayor Ellen Neuchterlein.

Neuchterlein promptly followed up Wednesday around 8:00 a.m. to provide press release requests who offered the mayor’s task force pdf. Neuchterlein provided information to allow for analysis of mayor’s task force procedures. Neuchterlein insists the mayor does not wish to discriminate, but a reporter’s error started the feud with the veteran community.

“Comments were left out by reporters from town hall meetings and certainly hope to convey the mayor does not seek to discriminate against veterans for hiring purposes,” Neuchterlein stated.

Contact the Mayor | City of Racine |

The mayor’s office insists Chief of Staff took up assembling “Citizen Review Board” policy according to former President Barrack Obama’s “what mayor’s are to do,” noting the mayor’s office sent out surveys seeking to collaborate with community’s requests. Mason’s public relations team outlined email items that “should be noted,” seeking to clear Mason’s decision-making who assigned members to oversee the hiring of law enforcement in his community. The mayor’s task force policy and protocol issued ten recommendations outlined on pages 13-18.

“It should be noted that this was the charge former President Barrack Obama called on Mayor’s to do, which Mayor Mason took up. It should also be noted that during this process we learned that under Wisconsin State Law, ‘Citizen Review Boards’ are not really permissible,” said Chief of Staff and Communications Director Shannon Powell.

Powell emphasized Racine Police Department policy found in the City of Racine’s ordinance, section 62-38 prohibits discrimination upon veteran or disabled veteran status. The pdf provided by the City of Racine Mayor’s Office on page 20 “Engage” section took town hall and two surveys into account when assembling hiring procedures moving forward. Powell addressed the Mayor’s Task Force Ten Recommendations do not interpret recommendations as implemented policy.

“I can say for certain the mayor does not agree with discriminating against veterans in general, or specifically for positions with RFD. It would be unlawful to do so,” Powell said.

Public hearings and town halls addressed how the City of Racine ought to move forward when hiring future law enforcement. The mayor looked to his community to offer support who returned a 33-page policy through assembly of task force. Mitch Mckinley, author of the article “Wisconsin mayor encourages police department to discriminate against veterans in hiring practices,” used words like “I” in his review misleading the reader to believe the article was an editorial, when in fact, editorials are based on other people’s words, therefore concluding a conflict of interest by McKinley’s part to disclose to his viewers the article was his opinion, not an editorial.

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