Lumberjack Slam and Restaurant Review of Denny’s on East Wash in Madison, Wis.

By Bob Cobb

Christmas Day in America can guarantee at least one restaurant will be open—Denny’s. Whether your appetite seeks a delicious helping of understaffed service, or a hot cup of Christmas wage oppression—Denny’s on East Wash in Madison, Wis. gets a Christmas Day review mulligan. The Capitol Capstone Journal is not about to rate staff. We will rate the operation.

Welcome to Denny’s where we are severely understaffed to the point where management has to make note on the front door. None-the-less, thank you to all staff who were there to greet us last night. You work hard. You deserve Christmas off.

Denny’s located at 1798 Thierer Rd. of Madison, Wis. definitely prides itself as a disabled veteran friendly place to eat. Denny’s also gives out free meals on Veteran’s Day, which is why I frequent their establishment. 10th Mountain salute to Denny’s.

Wait staff at Denny’s were friendly who went above and beyond to accommodate families on Christmas. Hard working staff always wins over the reviews of the Capitol Capstone Journal. Staff greeted our party with friendly smiles and smells of fresh burnt hash browns waiting under heat lamps as usual. Our staff went to any length to handle the inconvenience of the longer-than-normal wait due to the absence of management.

Denny’s on East Wash caters to all cultures. Denny’s decorum is welcoming to bloggers as well who are pulling an all-nighter with projects. Unfortunately, management can only accommodate the all-nighter on weekends due to an “unforeseen staffing shortage” who was nowhere to be found for public comment.

Denny’s is notoriously famous for having Grand Slam dancing at their restaurants. I suggest the Lumberjack Slam when visiting.

First item on the menu for review was Denny’s coffee. We were offered a beverage while we waited due to the understaffing calamity. Denny’s brand of coffee has a tart picante flavor matched with a punk rock dining room mosh pit serving of pungent aroma that set holiday anxiety at ease. The Denny’s blend combined with their coffee cups soothed relentless customers with a porcelain kiss delight. Denny’s coffee cups are uniquely thick unlike most coffee and java hash brown joints.

The Holiday Selection Menu consisted of various culinary assemblies. Whether your taste buds crave a jamboree packed quarter-pound cardiac arrest, or a grand slam heart attack-packed plate of short ordered bliss, Denny’s definitely packs its menu with many forms of unhealthy ways to celebrate Christmas. Denny’s Holiday Menu welcomed guests to sample healthy alternatives however. Not all items will send you to Meriter with pounding chest pains.

The Lumberjack Slam taunts the viewer with a picture-perfect eggs over-easy. After spending twenty minutes wrestling between a Cobb salad and a slam feature, the Lumberjack Slam chopped its way to spruce up the best decision.

Our waitress was kind and friendly who apologized for mixing up our order. I suggested she call her boss and tell him to come make my pancakes from scratch.
What kind of leader ditches their crew on Christmas? I waited for my buttermilk pancakes that are included with the Lumber Jack Slam, but were handed to another patron. We were offered nachos from a different order to make up for the confusion. We settled on fresh buttermilk pancakes and a coffee refill instead. No need to make the staff feel unappreciated. Their manager who was at home with their legs kicked up in their Barcalounger did a bang up job already. Staff still receives 5/5 no matter what. Merry Christmas.

Denny’s on East Wash is always a veteran friendly organization. As for management, the ship only steers in the direction of the captain who guides it. The sails were definitely opened wide on Christmas with staff rowing the oars full speed ahead. Next time the captain asks the ship to work on Christmas, make sure to show up to the galley and get to work. Expecting your galley and shipmates to show up on Christmas at least requires the presence of their captain instead of plopping a “too bad so sad” sign on the door notifying patrons the ship has a leak and there is nothing they can do.

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